Island Information

Island Information

Step Beyond the Tourist Books…

Want information from real locals who know Oahu Island?

Do you consider yourself a traveler instead of a tourist who seeks to experience Oahu’s local lifestyle outside the tourist hubs?

Then come with me to collect priceless firsthand information about Oahu and glean free advice from local residents as they reveal their tropical island paradise. Learn from those who truly live, work and play on the island.

Immerse yourself in Oahu’s unique culture and outstanding beauty through local eyes to discover their Oahu, Hawaii…

Don’t worry there will be touristy fun stuff mixed in too!

Useful Information About Local Life

Island Information

Did you know… the Hawaiian Islands are the most remote populated islands on earth?

Get more interesting Oahu facts and discover hidden gems of information about this distant exotic island. Discover the unique blending of cultures and diversity of the people that call this tropical island home. Find statistics about the uncommon population.

Learn frequently used Hawaiian words and their meanings… how to pronounce them… so you can talk Hawaiian style… or at least be prepared to understand the unique communication style of the locals….

Likelike Highway… pronounced LeeKayLeeKay (quickly repeat the names Lee & Kay twice)… links Honolulu to Kaneohe, a city on the Windward or East side of the island. Sometimes you will hear Likelike pronounced as Leakyleaky…like 2 leaky faucets.

Hear Hawaiian Words Pronounced and See Definitions

We’ll also take an educational journey to Paauilo on the Hamakua Coast of the Big Island to watch a video about Hawaii tropical flowers and native plants. Kaye Lundburg… establishing a native Hawaiian plant reforestation project… shares the plants unique to the Hawaiian Islands.

Big Island Native Hawaiian Plant Videos

See Some Unique Oahu Island Information Videos

Find unique videos and Oahu pictures that capture the beauty of Oahu and its people. Browse my personal photos and watch videos of local residents, family and friends sharing their perspective of the island…

See high definition video of my son demonstrating an exotic local parrotfish recipe… from a fish he speared while free diving. Try finding this recipe in Oahu restaurants!

Parrotfish Recipe Video

Detailed Maps of Oahu

Local Oahu Food

Native Hawaii Plants

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