How Can YOU…Travel Oahu Like a Local?

Oahu captivated me in 1962 as a young 6-year-old girl when I landed on the island and found myself living in United States Navy housing at Hickam Air Force Base. The short 14-month stay flooded my mind with memories of this fascinating Hawaiian Island… I yearned to return to the weather, the ocean and the people that lingered in my thoughts. The longing enticed me… I wanted to explore everything… from the tropical jungles and back roads… to what sea creatures lay beneath the Pacific Ocean’s enticing blue water. Something about this remote island gem felt like home.Pressed by the memories I was blessed to return to this tropical paradise and spend 20 years raising a family, starting and running a business and experiencing everything the island offers. I was amazed as I traveled the back roads, peered under the crystal waters and found hidden spots known to the locals. I began to understand the culture and what it means to live aloha. The locals drew me into their unique culture and lifestyle until I blended in and became a kama’aina. Finally, I arrived home and my dream came true!

Experience the True Local Oahu Lifestyle


Come taste and feel the authentic local lifestyle with me… Let’s talk story with my local friends and family as we watch them by video and sense their hearts filled with the Aloha Spirit. See the island through my personal pictures and hear the heartbeat of the culture. Savor what makes this island paradise so special.

Experience the island and culture looking from the inside out rather than spending valuable time trying to navigate a sea of decisions upon your arrival.

Learn Valuable Information About the Island and Culture

Get priceless travel advice from the locals that only insiders can offer like…

  • Recommended Resorts, Hotels and Vacation Rentals
  • Weather and Distinct Climates Around the Island
  • Best Beaches and How to Read the Ocean
  • When to Take a Tour
  • What Local Food is, Where Locals Eat and Exotic Recipes
  • Understanding Hawaiian Names and Cultural Etiquette
  • Surfing, How it Permeates Hawaii’s Culture
  • Business Start Up Information
  • Shopping Tips and Where to Buy Groceries
  • What Locals Wear
  • Native Plant Information
  • Surviving Driving and Local Style Directions… and much more!

Discover Traveling Oahu Local Style!