Oahu Weddings

Oahu Weddings

Oahu Weddings… My Hawaiian Wedding Story


Do Oahu weddings make you starry-eyed dreaming about the picture-perfect location to get married? Are you wondering how daunting planning a wedding in Oahu is and puzzled by where to begin?

I don’t claim to be an expert like you might find with official Oahu wedding planners, but I lived on the island for 20 years when I began to research and plan my unforgettable Oahu Hawaii wedding.

Come with me and let me smooth some of the wrinkles in your decision-making process through my wedding planning story…

I found myself single parenting at 32 when my boys were 9 and 12. My dating experiences were few and far between to say the least and I thought I would remain single forever. Then it happened… I remarried at age 50!

Yes, there is hope for those of you over 40 and still single!

Oahu Weddings… How My Courtship Began

Being a Christian I was determined to find a like-minded match with good character and finally settled on eHarmony as my dating site of choice after trying several others without success.

Warning: Please use extreme caution to stay safe when communicating with someone on the Internet. Don’t be pressured into divulging any personal information such as phone number, email or home address. There is a lot of misrepresentation on some dating sites. I had men ask me to marry them just to escape the country they were in. Many try to become too intimate right away. Pay attention to any red flags and don’t let anyone persuade you to meet too soon. Meet only in public places and have someone keep tabs on your whereabouts! My grown son was with me the first time I met Stephen.

I was very devoted to my tropical island paradise when I met Stephen, a Canadian Christian and son of a wheat farmer. He had never stepped foot in Hawaii… go figure!

Our romance began as we spent hours communicating by Email then talking daily by telephone.

He was a hopeless romantic frequently showering me with flowers and gifts that he discovered I liked. Always true to his word he never failed to call me promptly at 6 pm.

My son often teased that the phone would ring any minute and sure enough it always did. He told me, “That guy is going to ask you to marry him.” When I asked how he knew he replied, “Trust me I know, I’m a guy.”

We Meet and Play Tourist

After talking honestly over the course of one year it was finally time to take the plunge and meet. Stephen boarded his plane in Calgary, Alberta, for his first taste of Oahu for my 50th birthday…

What an exciting whirlwind week it was playing tourist. Stephen planned the whole week and made the daily one hour drive from Turtle Bay Resort on North Shore to my house in Ewa Beach to pick me up for our daily adventures.

He was a perfect gentleman as we took a taste of the touristy things to do in Oahu that I never experienced as a resident…

I was treated like royalty as we experienced much of the island’s breathtaking beauty together…

  • Polynesian Cultural Center Super Ambassador Package
  • Six Island Volcano Air Tour
  • Atlantis Submarine Tour
  • Kos Hummer Tour of Kualoa Valley
  • Waianae Catamaran Full Moon Journey
My birthday celebration was spectacular! First Stephen lavished me with a hairstyle and spa package at Turtle Bay Resort.

Next Sakura limousine chauffeured us to Honolulu for a romantic Oahu dinner cruise aboard the Navatek I to watch the sunset. En route we enjoyed the romantic music CDs Stephen prepared for the special occasion.

Our enchanting evening continued with the luxurious limousine taking us to watch Waikiki’s Friday night fireworks display. Topping off the evening we were escorted to Assagio Italian Restaurant at Ala Moana Center to savor my favorite Tiramisu dessert before the romantic limo ride home.

Oahu Weddings The Proposal

Our courtship blossomed. While visiting Stephen in Canada we toured picturesque Banff, Alberta. Like a fairy tale come true, Stephen got down on one knee during our gondola ride overlooking the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains and asked me to marry him!