Oahu Grocery

Oahu Grocery Stores That Locals Use

Most Oahu grocery stores, including big box membership stores, cater to local tastes with items you won’t find in most United States mainland grocery stores… such as poke and taro… to name a few.


 Grocery Stores

  • Costco
  • Don Quijote
  • Foodland
  • Food Pantry Waikiki
  • Hickam AFB Commissary
  • Malama Market
  • Sack N Save
  • Safeway
  • Sam’s Club
  • Tamura Market
  • Times Supermarket
  • Waialua General Store
  • Whole Foods
  • Food Pantry


See Grocery Stores and Long’s Drug Store Locations Plotted on Maps Below

Waikiki is the tourist hub of Oahu where the majority of visitors stay, yet it has only one true midsize grocery store, Food Pantry. I did enjoy going to Food Pantry in May 2012 as they not only had groceries but several local food vendor booths to choose from for a quick meal.


ABC stores… convenience stores on steroids catering to touriss.are numerous in Waikiki and also found at Ala Moana ShoppingCenter. They offer a quick alternative to finding a full size grocery store.

Waikiki merchants pay premium prices for their storefronts, so if you are concerned about your budget while grocery shopping on Oahu, you will ne

ed to shop outside Waikiki for lower prices. If price is not a concern… by all means support the local vendors!

Regular grocery store prices may shock you too… when compared to US mainland prices. Keep in mind most foods are shipped in or flown at least 2400 miles across the ocean, which contributes to their higher prices.

Produce is especially high priced, but a more affordable alternative is to buy it from local farmers’ markets. It’s a win-win situation… you get locally grown fresh produce… some exotic… and support the local farmers at the same time.


Oahu Grocery Store Prices May 2012

I visited an ABC store, Food Pantry and 2 Foodland stores and milk prices ranged from $6.39 to $3.79 for a half gallon. ABC stores milk prices were the highest and Foodland in Ewa Beach the lowest. A dozen large eggs ranged from $3.99 to $3.49… a pound of butter from over $6 to $4.29… 80% lean hamburger from $4.79 to 4.49 a pound… and bananas about $1.29 a pound. If you watch the store flyers, you can find better prices on many items when they are on sale.

Military visitors will deservedly find great prices in the commissary at Hickam Air Force Base where local military families shop. My son took me shopping here when he was in the United States Coast Guard and I was surprised by the low prices!

Safeway Club cards are valid in Hawaii Safeway stores. If you don’t have your card, your phone number associated with your card will qualify you for discounts.

Most Oahu grocery stores allow visitors to sign up for their discount cards… such as the Maika’i card available at both Foodland and Sack N Save.

The Maika’i card also offers points certificates that can increase your HawaiianMiles in Hawaiian Airlines frequent flyer program. There are time limitations associated with the certificates.

Long’s Drugs is a pharmacy that also has some groceries. It has been a popular mainstay with Oahu’s residents for many years. It was taken over by CVS pharmacy some time ago, but still retains its familiar name.

Locals watch for Long’s Drugs weekly sales on such items as Aloha Maid and Hawaiian Sun juice drinks.

Other Oahu grocery stores… like Safeway… also have pharmacies in some of their stores.

This map shows the location of most grocery stores and Long’s Drugs stores on Oahu. Long’s Drugs stores are plotted with red markers.

Oahu Grocery Stores & Long’s Drug Store Locations


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Many local families take advantage of getting lower prices for their Oahu groceries by buying in bulk at Costco and Sam’s Club.

I was thankful for Sam’s Club and Costco while satisfying the ravenous appetites of two growing sons… and supplemented with items from the regular grocery stores too.

Oahu Costco and Sam’s Club prices are more competitive with their US mainland stores, but these stores require yearly membership fees.

If you are already a member in another state, your membershp is valid in stores throughout the State of Hawaii.

Costco & Sam’s Club Locations

View Costco & Sam’s Club Locations in a larger map